BlocVault Solidifies Its Bid To Be The Almighty All-In-One Solution In Upcoming Crypto Apps

The crypto space is constantly changing and as we are enter a new era, along comes another stigma for the projects being developed. Now unfortunately, this stigma has become synonymous for a couple of things: a lack of depth in these projects and a lack of commitment from the teams developing them. Things come and things go very quickly, projects and ideas get abandoned, teams build projects just to pull the rug from beneath the only people who made their project possible, and it’s becoming more and more common as time goes. However, once in a while, a diamond in the rough shows face, pushes that stigma back, and gives us hope that crypto has not become a place for only greed and evil, and that there is still people with pure intentions in crypto that are developing innovative solutions for problems in the space. These diamonds in the rough are rare, but when they come along, boy is it a breath of fresh air!

Introducing BLOCVAULT.

BlocVault is the end-all be-all when it comes to projects built to outfit the “all-in-one” category, and becoming known as THE all-inclusive solution (and we mean “all-in-one” in absolutely every sense). BlocVault’s aim is build it’s own ecosystem and platform that covers all parts of the space. Instead of investors having to use 20 different apps and websites to take care of their business, BlocVault aims to be the solution to that problem, that covers it all as we move into the future. From novice stuff like buying with fiat, to the more complex stuff like cross-chain swaps, and everything in between (even a end-to-end encrypted P2P chatting feature!).

The BlocVault team has massive vision for the road ahead, both short and long term, and their mission has been crystal clear from the jump. They are working hard behind the scenes to “create a viable marketplace to start returning value to token holders in the shortest time possible.”. I think it’s safe to say that’s pretty straight forward, and very realistic for their team.

The project’s Founder, Ed, is a distinguished and well-versed professional in the cryptosphere, and has built a team around him that is both extremely knowledgeable and highly focused on the mission. Unlike most projects that are popping up daily in the space now, the BlocVault team took the initiative early on and released a very detailed roadmap to show their intentions (which we suggest reviewing for yourself on their website). They also KYC’d to show that they mean business and have nothing to hide.

In February, BlocVault successfully launched the project’s native token (BLVT, which includes 3% holder rewards) on the BNB Chain (fka Binance Smart Chain). They recently opened their vesting vault for staking, which is directly accessible to investors through their website, with no special app or Dapp needed. Their staking currently offers sky-high returns on vesting for their holders at 480% APY, and this isn’t a temporary offering either.

Forthcoming in the short road from the BlocVault team is their ecosystem token launch (BLCH), partnerships, and exchange listings. Around Q3 this year, they are expecting to be adding their wallet (BV-WALLET), their stop order management module (BV-TRACKING), and their encrypted P2P chat module (BV-CHAT) to their app. A little further down the road, the team will be releasing it’s own truly unique launchpad (Bloc-Launch) that features an unmatched vetting process and top-notch security for both investors and teams/alike alike, which will prove to be a major problem solver due to it’s targeted focus on combating the fundamental flaws that exist with other launchpads in the space.

BlocVault even plans on dipping their feet into the NFT and Metaverse areas!

From a distance, BlocVault appears to be an attractive project that holds big potential in several aspects. Close up, BlocVault is on track to be a trailblazer for the entire space. For investors who are looking for solid projects that have a legitimate shot at being well-known and getting that highly-saught-after 100x once it hits the mainstream, BlocVault can be their diamond in the rough that we all dream about.

After covering the few areas that we have, you can quickly see for yourself that BlocVault will without a doubt be becoming a household name in the near future, and they have a very clearly envisioned route to achieving this. The team is driven and determined to make it happen. The project has more to offer as well, so we highly suggest diving into the Amazonian jungle of an ecosystem that is BlocVault and not missing out on what is sure soon-to-be the go-to all-in-one solution to a ton of the problems that crypto faces today.

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