Bitcoin plummets to $46K as investors focus on big CME futures discrepancies.

Analysts indicate that there are dynamics at work that might drive BTC price movement back to $44,500 in the immediate future.

On March 31, Bitcoin (BTC) market action began to cut into last weekend’s CME futures gap, indicating an oncoming drop.

The pair had fluctuated after failing to establish $48,000 as support earlier in the week, prompting calls for a retest of lower levels as a necessary step following significant advances.

Bitcoin was trading around $46,700 at the time of writing, having fallen to its lowest level since the night of March 27.

A check at the CME futures chart revealed that short-term price performance may have a negative objective in the shape of the “gap” left over from the previous weekend.

CME futures closed at roughly $44,650 on March 25, only to start at $46,725 on March 28.

Based on past experience, the resultant “gap” might very well be “filled,” implying that Bitcoin could face another $2,000 drop.

Nonetheless, popular Twitter account @CivEkonom highlighted that a “stealthy” earlier gap from last year between $52,000 and $54,000 remained open.

“Gaps on The CME Bitcoin futures are always filled,” he said.

Everything went as planned.

Meanwhile, the retest fell into the short-term gameplan of certain popular traders.

In a day-to-day report, Anbessa stated that he, too, preferred a return to the mid-$44,000 region, with only a deeper move challenging his so far positive outlook.

Cheaper coins would also benefit the largest bidder from late March, Blockchain protocol Terra, whose buy-ins hit 30,000 BTC on March 31.

Meanwhile, cross-crypto sentiment has continued to deteriorate, with the Crypto Fear & Greed Index reaching “greed” territory for the first time in 2022.