Wallet passes Kudelski security audit | by | Sep, 2022

Earlier this year, commissioned the renowned cybersecurity experts at Kudelski Security to conduct a comprehensive audit of the self-custodial Wallet. The results of this audit were summarized in a report, the executive summary of which can be found below.

Kudelski Security did not find any real world scenario in which an attacker would be able to compromise a users private keys. As a result of the Wallets decentralized features, threats and potential attack vectors were deemed negligible. Additionally, no suspicious network activity was found.

Fundamentally, these positive results are a function of the inherent security benefits of self-custodial wallets. Unlike centralized crypto platforms, a Wallet can only be accessed by its owner; a users keys are entirely within their control. This foundational feature has been a leading driver behind the growth of the ecosystem an ecosystem which now encompasses 33 million private wallets.

As values seamless user experience and personal freedom, we aim to maximize security while not infringing on the functionality and ease-of-use our customers love. Therefore, we will continue to allow in-app screenshots, and will neither impose app locking mechanisms nor secure enclave key restrictions. These attributes of the Wallet can be enjoyed by our customers with the confidence that they are perfectly compatible with our stringent security guidelines.

As security requirements are continually evolving, we will develop added features to ensure the security of our users funds. However, we will always ensure that security features augment, rather than detract from, the user-friendliness our customers have come to expect.