Verse partnership/integration overview #5 | by | May, 2023

The Verse ecosystem grows stronger with each passing month. This month weve added 20 new partnerships, integrations, and collaborations! This includes Banxa, a financial technology platform that provides a new fiat on-ramp to buy VERSE, Verse-based web3 improvements facilitated by the human-readable addresses of Unstoppable Domains, and and Verse sponsorship of several in-person events, as well as many more new DEX aggregators, analytical tools, and wallets.

The full list is provided below, but first: invites crypto/web3/DeFi projects, teams, and businesses to propose collaborations, partnerships, and integrations with Bitcoin.coms ecosystem token VERSE and decentralized exchange Verse DEX.

Each collaboration brings unique value and helps us grow, which is why were always on the lookout for new partners and projects that align with our mission to foster the growth of economic freedom.

-Ben Friedman, Business Development Manager

Please mail or contact by Linkedin for proposals.


VERSE on-ramps


DEX aggregators

Analytical tools


Unstoppable Domains Human-readable web3 addresses

Unstoppable Domains and are deepening their commitment to simplifying and enriching the DeFi experience. In our latest partnership update, when you connect your wallet to Verse DEX your Unstoppable Domain name will display as your username. This not only enhances the user experience but also adds a layer of personalization and security to your transactions. Furthermore, you can use your Unstoppable Domain to seamlessly send and receive VERSE tokens.

MetaOne an app store for web3

We are pleased that MetaOne, a pioneering app store for web3, has officially listed Verse DEX here. This marks another step towards global accessibility of decentralized finance. Verse DEX, and other decentralized applications (DApps), represent the democratization of finance. It enables individuals from all corners of the globe to engage in financial transactions, eliminating the need for permissions or trust in third parties.

ACryptoS autocompound Verse Farm rewards

The collaboration between AcryptoS and Verse is a strategic partnership that enhances the yield farming experience for Verse Farm users. With this integration, users can now auto-compound their rewards from Verse Farms directly on the AcryptoS platform. Auto-compounding is a powerful tool that reinvests your earned rewards back into the pool, increasing your stake and, subsequently, your potential earnings.

CoinsPaid Payment gateway to crypto

CoinsPaid now supports VERSE. CoinsPaid is a leading organization offering cryptocurrency payment services, empowering people to operate globally through their dependable cryptocurrency processing services. This integration provides all of CoinsPaids customers with access to VERSE, the DeFi gateway for the world, making it easier than ever for them to start using decentralized financial applications.

Fiat on-ramps into crypto are crucial gateways for new users transitioning into the world of digital assets. These on-ramps are particularly significant because a considerable percentage of cryptocurrencies cannot be directly acquired using traditional fiat currencies. Instead, newcomers typically need to buy a more common cryptoasset like Bitcoin or Ethereum, which they then swap for the desired digital asset. This process introduces an extra layer of complexity and potential confusion. By having VERSE directly purchasable from fiat, this friction is effectively eliminated for new users, simplifying their entry into the crypto ecosystem. Having direct access to VERSE, the gateway to DeFi, helps new users enter into the empowering world of decentralized finance.


The power of DeFi in driving economic freedom for all is a message we passionately believe in. In-person events play a vital role in disseminating this message far and wide. These events serve as a platform to introduce newcomers to the transformative potential of DeFi, demystifying its concepts and illustrating its benefits. Furthermore, these gatherings create a space for like-minded individuals and organizations to connect. Its not uncommon for collaborations and partnerships to form from chance encounters at these events.

ETHGlobal Tokyo


These aggregators increase the prominence of Verse DEX, Bitcoin.coms decentralized exchange, and the tokens traded on it by directing users to the existing liquidity pools. The following is a compilation of DEX aggregators that have integrated Verse DEX in the past month:



Public blockchains provide openness as they allow anyone to view transaction operations. Analytical tools enhance the comprehensibility of this data by displaying it in a user-friendly manner, enabling users to easily monitor metrics like the total value locked (TVL) in a protocol or DEX, watch trading volumes and prices, and keep track of their net worth. As analytical tools initiate monitoring of Verse DEX and Bitcoin.coms ecosystem token, VERSE, they not only increase the tokens prominence but also enrich the user experience. Below is a compilation of analytical tools that started tracking Verse following our last summary:

Tin Network

Yield Samurai

Footprint Analytics





In the dynamic Web3 landscape, self-custodial crypto wallets are crucial elements. The Wallet is a prominent industry leader, boasting more than 39 million self-wallets generated across multiple chains. However, numerous high-quality wallets address unique needs. By featuring Bitcoin.coms ecosystem token, VERSE, in these wallets, the tokens overall functionality and exposure are improved. Here are the wallets that have integrated VERSE since our last update:

Unstoppable Wallet


Assure Wallet