Verse Partnership/Integration Overview #13 | by | Jan, 2024

Welcome to the 13th edition of our partnerships and integrations overview, showcasing the relentless progression of the Verse ecosystem with 12 new and influential collaborations. This period features the release of VERSE on Polygon, which unlocks massive new utility for Bitcoin.coms ecosystem token.

In addition to this strategically important partnership, there were many more high quality services, DEX aggregators, and wallets that partnered or integrated with the Verse ecosystem.

The full list is provided below, but first: invites crypto/web3/DeFi projects, teams, and businesses to propose collaborations, partnerships, and integrations with Bitcoin.coms ecosystem token VERSE and decentralized exchange Verse DEX.

Each collaboration brings unique value and helps us grow, which is why were always on the lookout for new partners and projects that align with our mission to foster the growth of economic freedom.

-Ben Friedman, Business Development Manager

Please reach out to Ben Friedman for proposals.



DEX Aggregators


Analytical Tools

VERSE on Polygon

Bitcoin.coms strategic decision to deploy its VERSE token on the Polygon Network marks a significant advancement in enhancing the accessibility and functionality of its ecosystem. Previously limited to the Ethereum network, VERSEs transition to Polygon was driven by the need for a low-fee, high-performance platform. This move aligns with Bitcoin.coms core mission of fostering economic freedom by lowering entry barriers and improving efficiency for global users. Importantly VERSE on Polygon paves the way for micro-rewards within the Verse ecosystem, which will supercharge growth while fostering a more dynamic and interactive community experience.

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A diverse range of platforms and companies contribute to the vibrant ecosystem of crypto. To make it foolproof and widely accessible, even more collaborations are necessary. Here are the services integrating with VERSE and its ecosystem in the last month.


With this integration, anyone can easily trade VERSE cross-chain between the Ethereum and Polygon networks.



DEX aggregators amplify the prominence of Verse DEX along with its transacted tokens by steering users in the direction of deep liquidity pools.



In the web3 ecosystem, self-custodial cryptocurrency wallets are crucial. The Wallet app is a significant player boasting more than 46 million self-custody wallets created; however, its important to maintain a wide variety of crypto wallets catering to distinct needs. Incorporating VERSE token into these wallets enhances both its usability and visibility.



The Crypto App

Kanga Wallet

Public blockchains offer transparency in transactions, and analytical tools present this data clearly. Integrating Verse DEX and VERSE improves token visibility and enriches the experience for its holders.


Blockchairs widely used block explorer (supporting dozens of networks) now features a call-to-action to Get VERSE.

Coin Gabbar

Global crypto information marketplace Coin Gabbar, which caters to millions of users each month, now supports Verse DEX and VERSE token.