Monthly Recap for January 2024 | by | Jan, 2024

The top announcements from for the month of January 2024.

Were excited to announce that News is now available in Italian, German, and French thats in addition to Spanish and Russian, which we launched support for in December. This expansion is part of our commitment to bring the latest and most relevant cryptocurrency news to a global audience. With these new language offerings, were making it easier for more people around the world to stay informed about the dynamic and evolving world of digital currencies. Explore our news in your preferred language and join our growing international community!

In January we launched weekly video news recaps and insightful expert interviews! Available on our official Youtube channel, Spotify, and all major podcast platforms, these sessions are your gateway to staying ahead in the fast-paced crypto universe. Join our engaging host, Corbin Fraser, as he explores a myriad of exciting topics that are shaping the future of crypto.

The first month of 2024 saw 1.169 billion VERSE tokens burned, equivalent to over $396,000. The total number of VERSE burned now exceeds 7 billion, which is 26.43% of the circulating supply and 3.25% of the total supply of Bitcoin.coms ecosystem token.

Get full details on the blog here.

In the 13th edition of our partnerships and integrations overview, we showcased the steady progression of Bitcoin.coms Verse ecosystem with 12 new and influential collaborations. This period featured the release of VERSE on Polygon, which unlocks massive new utility for Bitcoin.coms official token. Read the full report for all the details.

Our first-ever rewarded campaign for the fun and addictive Verse Clicker dApp concluded with $1000 in VERSE rewards being distributed to the top 25 Clickmas players. Get ready for our next campaign, Verse Clicker Lunar New Year Contest, which will kick off on February 6th with $888 in rewards up for grabs. Stay tuned for details for that and for now, hone your clicking skills here.

The emergence of Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) marks a pivotal intersection between traditional finance and the burgeoning world of cryptocurrency. While they offer a novel avenue for a new wave of investors to engage with Bitcoin, understanding their structure, benefits, and inherent risks is essential. Read What are Bitcoin ETFs? in our Learning Center.

The next #VerseSpotlight is on Thursday 1st February @ 8:30am UTC. It will be streamed live on Verse Ecosystems X account, as well as on Bitcoin.coms official Youtube channel. Be sure to follow Verse Community Leader Lord DeFi on X @LordDeFi and join the Verse Telegram community here to be notified of the next Verse Spotlight.

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