and Hummingbot Extend Their Rewarding Partnership Bringing an Additional $15,000 in Rewards | by | Jan, 2024

Exciting News for Traders and Liquidity Providers!, in partnership with Hummingbot, is thrilled to announce the extension of our successful campaign, aimed at enhancing the trading experience of the VERSE/USDT pair on KuCoin. Building upon the impactful strides made in our initial collaboration, this extension signifies our continued commitment to improving market liquidity and accessibility.

  • Extended Period: The campaign, initially set for 12 weeks starting October 24, 2023, is now extended to April 09, 2024, providing more opportunities for participants to engage and earn rewards.
  • Rewards: Our total reward pool remains at a generous $15,000 USD in Bitcoin.coms ecosystem token VERSE and Hummingbots governance token HBOT. Thats $1250 per week.
  • Growing Community Impact: The initial phase attracted 47 unique liquidity providers, significantly enhancing market depth. This extension aims to build on this success, inviting even more participants to contribute to the liquidity and health of the VERSE/USDT market.

Why Participate?

  • Democratizing Finance: Aligning with Bitcoin.coms mission to create more economic freedom, this campaign offers a decentralized approach to market making, opening doors for individuals and small firms traditionally excluded from such opportunities.
  • Empowering with Technology: Hummingbots open-source platform levels the playing field, allowing anyone to set up bots for market making, backed by comprehensive guides and support. Learn more here.
  • Attractive Returns: The structure of the campaign offers appealing APYs, making it a lucrative opportunity for technically skilled individuals and the broader Verse & Hummingbot communities.

Join the Movement

We encourage traders, market makers, and the crypto community at large to participate in this extended campaign. Its not just about enhancing liquidity; its about being part of a movement that democratizes finance, making it more accessible and equitable for all.

Stay Informed and Get Started

For more information and to start participating, visit Hummingbots Liquidity Miner platform.

A discussion between Bitcoin.coms Corbin Fraser and Jason Tomlinson the CEO of CoinAlpha, which is the company behind Hummingbot where they go into the intricacies of market making and liquidity mining, can be found here.