Big Eyes Coin, Solana, and Stacks are promising Crypto Assets you should pay close attention to

Monitoring promising altcoins makes it less likely for you to miss out on their boom. Many cryptocurrencies are billed for price increases in the coming year; it is practically impossible to pay close attention to all of them. Thus, you should have a list containing crypto assets with high potential and closely watch them. While creating this watchlist, ensure you add Solana (SOL), Stacks (STX), and Big Eyes Coin (BIG), as experts believe they could be worthy of close attention.

Solana (SOL) blooms into itself

Solana is a decentralised crypto project that leverages blockchain technology facilitated dApp building, computing, and DeFi utility. Unlike others, Solana doesn’t use a layer solution for scalability. Rather, it combines a new proof-of-history consensus with its underlying proof-of-stake (PoS) to achieve high scalability and efficiency.

Solana is inarguably the fastest blockchain. The crypto project developers optimize the speed and scalability of the platform without compromising decentralisation and security. This makes Solana one of the foremost blockchain networks to alleviate the blockchain trilemma.

Apart from the dApp creation and smart contract execution function, Solana aims to increase DeFi accessibility for users. Its fast transaction speed has helped it gain much attention from small and big enterprises and individuals. Solana’s utility token, SOL, is used to complete payments on the platform.

It is a top cryptocurrency with a $4+ billion market capitalisation and close to 2 million inclusion in different watchlists. Many people expect Solana (SOL) to have a great run in the coming year, as enthusiasts hope its surge can be nearly as rewarding as the previous one.

Stacks (STX) showing how best to integrate

Stacks integrates decentralised applications (dApps) and smart contracts into Bitcoin. The layer-one blockchain solution optimises Bitcoin’s potential by using it as a base layer without changing its core or having the need to fork. The protocol achieves this through direct connection with the Bitcoin blockchain leveraging proof-of-transfer (PoX).

The connection ensures that all activities on the Stacks protocol are settled on the Bitcoin blockchain. Stacks is powered by its utility token, STX. The Stacks token (STX) facilitates smart contract execution, transaction processing, and other activities on the platform.

Miners on Stacks need to pay in BTC to mint the platform’s utility token. Stacks (STX) provides a new way of earning Bitcoin for users, as holders can earn Bitcoin (BTC) as rewards when they stack it. Analysts believe the crypto asset could rally from its $0.2 current price soon to point around its $3+ all-time high. You should monitor how this unfolds to make the best investment decision.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) showing its the most adorable Meme Coin around

Big Eyes aims to improve wealth circulation in DeFi and protect the aquatic part of the world’s ecosystem. This will improve the project’s profitability and popularity, making it rewarding for users. The Ethereum-built project will run a self-propagating ecosystem equipped with features to drive growth and bring users financial stability.

Big Eyes will be a community-centered project hoping to leverage community strength and other features to remain functional for many years. Hence, Big Eyes focuses on increasing the size and strength of its community while equally rewarding them with tokens and NFTs through different incentive mechanisms.

Big Eyes will feature a unique NFTs collection with a high possibility of becoming a top project in the market. Profits from the NFTs sales will go into deliberating on implementing autoburn functions or not. The NFTs will also be a good asset for community members or network participants to hold, as it would allow them to benefit from the NFTs ecosystem’s profitability.

Big Eyes (BIG) is waxing stronger on presale daily, creating FOMO as many see it as the possible meme coin to blow next. Its presale has progressed satisfactorily for developers, with about $12 million raised. The crypto asset is set to make a profitable coin market debut soon, and you shouldn’t delay joining the presale before its launch.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG)





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