Battle. Win. Repeat. NFT Game Cardano Streets Has The Streets Talking, Eyes Venture Capitalists

Have you ever been just hanging out, playing a high-stakes street racing style game like Need For Speed Underground 2, and thought “man, this would be awesome if it involved NFTs and crypto”? Given that the answer is probably no, we know of a team that DID think of and is executing it!

Meet Cardano Streets, a new NFT racing game on Binance Smart Chain that boasts a brand-new concept that is simple to grasp, yet highly complex in its back end… heads-up high-stakes street racing where players race NFT cars that players mint themselves.

Cardano Streets allows its users to buy their favorite cars as NFTs

The essential concept is similar to what some people enjoy doing with their free time on the weekends: heads-up racing at your favorite drag spot on Friday nights. You put your money in the pot, pull up to the line, hit the gas and hold on tight, then a few seconds later, the winner collects the spoils. Cardano Streets offers a more modernized take on this favored past-time because the road that leads you that sweet ‘W’ is driven by their unique NFT cars that players mint themselves, and the pot is filled with ADA that racers stake before each race, which the winners collects afterwards. It’s a truly unique innovation.

Another huge advantage that Cardano Streets offers is way beyond the actual game itself: the project’s guaranteed potential to attract big-time investors. Everyone knows that there is massive earning potential when it comes to gaming that has anything to do with the blockchain. In today’s economy, gaming is now seen as a new way to market different things, from products, to services, and even different cryptocurrencies themselves.

Cardano Street not only offers players the ability to play an adrenaline-pumping heads-up street racing style game, but Cardano Street also has its hands in the NFT market (with its in-game cars) and the ADA market (with the in-game staking for the heads-up races). The game also allows its users the opportunity to buy their favorite cars as NFTs as well.

You may be thinking “this is quite a big order to fill”, but Cardano Street is ready for it! There is massive potential for Cardano Street to attract not only a ton of investors initially, but also massive potential for Cardano Street to attract venture capitalists, who are the ones who put massive investments into innovative ideas and projects like Cardano Streets in return for a stake of the project.

If you step back and look at the big picture, between the actual gameplay itself, the NFT aspect, the ADA wagering/staking in each race, and the high potential for attraction from venture capitalists, Cardano Streets future is insanely bright on all fronts!

Cardano Streets Tokenomics

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Article Written by Gem Hodlers