ArcadeNetwork bringing interoperability in gaming sector using blockchain & NFTs

While the market has already attracted tens of millions of people, some basic problems arising due to centralisation are still a major cause of concern among pro gamers and even games. An emerging startup firm, ArcadeNetwork, claims to solve those issues and boost the gaming industry using Blockchain and other emerging technologies.

The team is building something they call a decentralised cross metaverse bridge that will allow seamless movement of assets among metaverses. In simpler terms, a gun that a user purchases from one metaverse can be exported to another metaverse and be used there.

The founder firmly believes the future lies in gaming and metaverses and envisions to connect the metaverses by their cross metaverse bridge which later on shall be enhanced, extended and be used for all types of games including mobile games as well.

Gaming is a huge sector and nothing more beautiful than creating opportunities as a byproduct of fun. The good part is that everything is feasible in the era of technology that we live in.” says Chinka G., Founder, ArcadeNetwork

The Arc Bridge is a comprehensive, adaptable, and powerful set of APIs and SDKs for creating groundbreaking in-game asset interoperability and providing true ownership to the Gamers.

How cool it would be if somebody could literally take a gun from Call of Duty” to Counterstrike” and use it there. This would entirely change the way Gaming Industry is perceived currently and open up a new world of Gaming.

Blockchain, the same technology powering behind popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) is known for its transparency and immutability. By applying this technology to games, ArcadeNetwork will solve a host of issues found in centralized games such as the no interoperability and no true ownership of purchased assets.

ArcadeNetwork Features

The firm has three major modules which can be found in official website as well:

ARC Relayer Bridge – This is the one discussed above and which makes it possible for the game users to transfer in-game assets from one game to another. Apart from moving the game assets from one metaverse to another, users can also sell the assets on any NFT marketplace. The assets can also be staked on several partner platforms which provide NFT staking.

Arc Notecase-A first and one of a kind crypto collectible wallet (web and mobile) for holding $Arc, NFTs and other crypto currencies of partner platforms of ArcadeNetwork. Arc Notecase will have a simplified UI allowing easy deposits and with on ArcadeNetwork any time.

ARCVerse- Game developers who wish to launch and bring up their games or metaverses, but lack the investment & resources to fully develop them, can simply make use of ArcVerse which allows them to launch metaverses almost instantly without having their own assets and graphics.

These Products will have the below mentioned features-


True Ownership.

Increased audiences for Games and Metaverses

Increased in-game asset purchases.

Metaverse Money Market.

Small Developer Friendly.

Standardisation of Gaming World


Token Utility

The platform has its own utility token known as $Arc. $ARC is not only for fee settlement but also has other utilities attached. Some of the utilities are ,entioned below.

Platform Fee Settlement

$Arc can be used to pay for any payment as a fee in the ArcadeNetwork platform. For taking assets from one metaverse to another, one can use the $Arc and get interesting discounts. Rather,any platform settlement can be made with $Arc.


$Arc can be staked in house and on partner platforms connected with ArcadeNetwork. Staking $Arc will not only benefit users but also give them loyalty points. If the value appreciates then the users can sell a part of their $Arc.

Game Dev Financing and Loyalty Fees

$Arc will enable crypto holders to fund ArcadeNetwork projects through a liquidity pool. Those contributing towards the project will get loyalty points from the team. The more $ARC you hold, the higher is the frequency of free loyalty tokens sent to your address.

In-Platform Discounts

Holders of $Arc will get additional discounts and offers on any in-platform or partner platform purchase, payment etc time to time. Users of partner games will also benefit from these discounts.

ArcadeNetwork is different from other projects in a way that the project follows a calculated algorithm of community interest by planning strategic reveals of certain other token utilities as they progress along the roadmap to present these to their community in a pleasantly surprising way.

Disclaimer: This is a company press release. No LM journalist is involved in creation of this content.

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