Announcing the Winners of the $10,000 VERSE Staking Contest | by | Mar, 2024

Were thrilled to announce the winners of our VERSE Staking Contest! Our CEO, Corbin Fraser, took center stage in a live draw, determining the lucky participants who won their share of the $10,000 prize pool. If you missed the live draw, dont worry! Weve included the video embed below for you to watch the exciting moment unfold.

Congratulations to the grand prize winner who takes home an astonishing $7,000!

  • Grand Prize ($7,000)
  • 0x9Cc5a32E9CF6848EF18F077280ec909cF18c7F0e

The excitement doesnt stop with our grand prize winner. We have a multitude of other prizes that were up for grabs. Here are the spaces for the remaining winners, which will be updated shortly:

  • Second Prize ($500 each)
  • 0xfB5524f1291daCa3EeeC22e7e7a6329bEac29DF0
  • 0x45046F6039eab9A342eAe580F3e0D2B621D8285C
  • Third Prize ($100 each)
  • 0x568F3C22eA38CB5049563F1aA520Ec7462fFD9f8
  • 0x23323b5adf1d5f1b1d2613db37b02af750c017a6
  • 0xab4cb2c6ea0ae4d5c520e0baee899d75ce9a5740
  • 0x2e2dd1a865fc6e5346030a103205eeeb8c358850
  • 0x39f090cd5de00a98c88c006979287bd9cd328da9
  • 0x4df9e84e28457ce6c56dbd447bc78972af709690
  • 0xeD358f8CeE5795AE1174065Bcf4b5b9AD961C7E1
  • 0x2bea525497237287a7c3203ddbec49cbfad254bc
  • 0xbb789e8F9b89673DF72A5A04F201dfc9420789F7
  • 0xC35AE5658e3C8dEE787f0b79dD82265576672E6D
  • Consolation Prizes ($50 each)
  • 0x30D443d83C629905ee93A06dFF1d1BE3B9e741eC
  • 0xf4Fc3B8fBE29222Fb9064eB0bA252473Ee417Fd0
  • 0x81197e67753f844c7f58f3ee038b005b517ce048
  • 0x91BA37dE22d1D8a71e560Cd4e272b6812eA20ABA
  • 0xb4df3154b7Aa88ece7C91679DfdD35C6491719D6
  • 0xe92dfaee27089da8f40284feaadadf7cc5c92a7d
  • 0x141DC9D10bF0BACa4D8c2B648988d32Cf10Fdf54
  • 0x93a7cf0cb43a7404fafc3c04fa348bfb9a424d9e
  • 0x72bbF491c1F4bB264668973666e6EfA94214F893
  • 0xEF5Cf5E5eb97ddb671578F99C32B48E27b937BeD
  • 0x0DE3f84782427380c6588A9dCA8675A5c40893Cb
  • 0x7Fc08Eb8bF5603114210FaC7d3Ca6D59D7C52d74
  • 0x68807e32a2498eba7ea12943cf13ea8ba1f4539c
  • 0xece7a13423fe3b3f500fe67c9cae2f3df3576925
  • 0x583d37554cc7389dbf322ed1b62918df2d52146b
  • 0xfc9511b7cbcc169db5824d4521cc1a53323e84ba
  • 0x3E0E3F3fa18FcAB23a85d6CA49316437C2B1a124
  • 0x8679BCf9cB019D1b05b89DCA59D657b25D032C0f
  • 0x049CE1c655F9e7B767EEf1169c05be6714c500eF
  • 0x2e71f6147b1f28c2b9ccc2d4a566b86b7a52298e

Launched with enthusiasm, the VERSE Staking Contest offered our community an incredible opportunity to win amazing cash prizes simply by staking their VERSE. Heres a quick recap of the contest details:

  • Total Prize Pool: $10,000
  • Ways to Enter: Participants were awarded one entry to the draw for each day they staked at least $50 worth of VERSE and an additional entry for interacting with our contest announcement on social media
  • Prizes Distribution: Ranging from the grand prize of $7,000 to twenty $50 prizes for lucky participants.

Staking VERSE means depositing your VERSE tokens in a smart contract that automatically pays out VERSE rewards. At the time of writing, rewards for VERSE stake are at 4.92% APY. Please read this article for more information about VERSE Staking and step-by-step instructions to stake your VERSE and start earning rewards.

VERSE, launched in December 2022, is our rewards and utility token designed to unlock economic freedom by facilitating access to decentralized finance (DeFi). With its multifaceted utility in the ecosystem, VERSE is paving the way for users worldwide to engage more deeply with DeFi solutions. Learn more about VERSE.

A huge thank you to everyone who participated and made this contest a success. Your enthusiasm and support are what drive us to continue providing opportunities like this. Stay tuned for more contests and opportunities to win in the future!