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Zug, Switzerland(Newsfile Corp. September 20, 2022) AmpliFi gladly announces the launch of the worlds first crypto dividend application and invites the public to come try it out. AmpliFi seeks to make a mark in the industry by providing sustained returns over time; especially as it has an external revenue source.

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AmpliFi is a decentralized finance (DeFi) project built on the Ethereum blockchain by co-founders Jordan Tappan and Christopher Silk. This technology is built around eliminating third parties, like banks, in the financial industry. The goal of DeFi has always been to eliminate fees from traditional banks; create options to keep assets in blockchain wallets; and of course speedy transactions.

Facts About How it Works

Below is how the project works especially for holders and DeFi enthusiasts:


The simplest way crypto newbies can leverage crypto is by joining the Staking Pool. To buy any number of tokens, one has to press a button called Stake on the website or Dapp to place them into a yield-bearing account, similar to a savings account with the persons bank, albeit at much higher rates.

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For perspective, while the national average for U.S. savings accounts earn .06%, AmpliFis Staking Pool earns up to 38% per year, approximately a 6,300% increase.

Creating Amplifiers

Creating an Amplifier unlocks the opportunity to support protocol efforts in a more intimate way. In return, holders get triple-digit APY on the native token. When an Amplifier is new, it gives the most rewards to holders. But as it ages, it begins to wear out and so does its potential.

By Fusing Amplifiers

Fusing Amplifiers is where holders are given intrinsically-valuable rewards. Holders who fuse their Amplifiers are essentially locking it for 1 year, 3 years, or 5 years. Holders who choose to stick around for a longer time are basically participants in any successes it garners in the journey.

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Furthermore, Fused Amplifiers earn a share of the revenue from AmpliFis efforts to provide consensus for the Ethereum blockchain (with network validators). Essentially, Fused Amplifiers capture both #AMPLIFI tokens and $ETH.

Through the Governance Token

In the DeFi world, Governance tokens usually dont hold any intrinsic value as theyre just used for voting. This is the reality for the governance token of the AmpliFi project except that it offers its holders a fraction of the projects revenue.

About AmpliFi

AmpliFi is a decentralized annuity that seeks to offer perpetual yield to holders through $ETH validator dividends alongside shared protocol revenue and trade fees which underpin the value of the native token, #AMPLIFI.

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#AMPLIFI is not a meme coin, and its not going to the moon at $1 million dollars per token. Instead, its created to systematically provide yield year after year, for as long as Ethereum continues to exist. And should Ethereum stop existing, AmpliFi can move onto another blockchain.

Media Contact

Christopher Silk, Co-Founder:

Jordan Tappan, Co-Founder:

Address: Zug, Switzerland

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