AI Tech Showcases A Brand New Greener Future With Energy Efficient Artificial Intelligence

Have you heard all the negative reviews about the crypto industry, saying that it’s bad for the environment because of the power it requires to operate the different networks and machines involved? Boy, have we come across the ultimate solution for those naysayers!

Introducing AI TECH, a computation network that it’s on a surefire path to redefining how computing activities are performed and managed. Originally created to distribute computing power to destination systems that require higher power than usual, AI Tech uses scalable tools to assists developers in delivering and monetizing their applications. The project’s ultimate goal is to build energy efficient data centers that can provide this necessary computing power to the global environment.

Read their whitepaper here.

AI Tech will be delivering their services through a user-friendly self-service platform, where users will be able to select different software and resources to complete a host of data-intensive tasks. When it comes to security, AI Tech promises to be a leading innovator and utilize only the newest technologies to help secure their growth. While their token operates on the Ethereum network (ERC-20), their ecosystem will feature a new take on staking that showcases a lottery air drop

While on course to fulfill the end goal, AI Tech will be meeting several important achievements that can prove to be revolutionary for the entire industry including lowering overall computing costs and making things like CGI rendering, calculation, and machine learning far more accessible, all while focusing on leaving a much cleaner (green) footprint.

” The Solidus Ai Tech infrastructure is versatile and has been designed to cater to
Governmental Authorities, Megacorps, SMEs, and Professionals. The program
establishes a peer-to-peer network among computers, allowing application
administrators and users (‘requesters’) to access the resources of other users’
(‘providers’) devices. These tools can be used to
finish tasks that require varying
amounts of computing time and capacity. These services are currently provided
by centralized cloud vendors, which are limited by closed networks, centralised
payment mechanisms, and aggressively provisioning operations. “

From proper team identification and a clear chain of command to partnership showcasing (and of course the projects future laid out in a detailed roadmap), their website provides full transparency on the project.

Token Information will be updated once it launches. You can join their presale right now directly from their platform.

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Original Article Written by Gem Hodlers