Long Distance VR Dating Is Finally A Reality With MetaSpark’s Metaverse

Remember back in the good old days when we sat on AOL Instant Messenger in chat rooms, talking to a girl/boy on the other side of the world, bragging to your friends you had a significant other, instead of doing your school work? (Oh, that was just me? Alright then…)

Well after many years of talks and rumors of VR dating, this modern version of that memorable past time is coming to light. We have exciting news about a new project that makes the idea of long-distance dating much easier by eliminating the very real speed bump of geographical issues to a new reality!

Introducing METASPARK!

MetaSpark was established behind a very simplistic idea that requires very little explanation… it’s METAVERSE DATING! Yes, that’s right. Metaverse dating is finally being made a reality with MetaSpark being the next generation of online dating. Their project will offer a fully done-up VR Metaverse that will allow it’s users to finally explore beyond the typical long-distance dating geographical limitations.

Inside the MetaSpark Metaverse, users will be able to create their own avatars that best mirrors their physical being with the help of AI picture recognition. Once the users are inside the Metaverse, users will be able to meet other people with the aid of the Spark H.U.D., which will provide useful information such as compatibility scores and useful conversation starters (which will be very helpful for those of us who suffer from situational anxiety). Now when a user finds a compatible match, they will be able to invite their match to one of MetaSpark’s virtual experiences featuring things like metaversal concerts to quaint private beaches and many many more options. You’ll even be able to surprise your metamatch with romantic gifts from their NFT store to “WOW!” your match and make yourself stand out from your competition!

MetaSpark’s ecosystem will feature their native token ($SPARK) which is on the BNB Chain (yes, the BNB Chain for those of you who are still unaware of the name change from Binance Smart Chain) and will be used within the ecosystem as a transactional and utility token, meaning it will be used inside the actual VR Metaverse itself, as well as outside for other purposes.

Token Information
MetaSpark (SPARK)
BNB Chain Contract Address: 0x2FEcFe4923d70225d4236b5D7D72bb5c14b5c668

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