Acclaimed Fashion Photographer Marco Glaviano Surprises The Crypto World Again With Another Astonishing NFT Drop

World famous photographer Marco Glaviano has released his second NFT collection: “From Russia With Love.” Inspired by being the first photographer to do a fashion shoot in the Soviet Union in 1972, he created these pieces of pin-up art as a homage to a place that is dear to him. 

Moscow, Russia – December 10, 2021 — Sicilian born photographer, Marco Glaviano, credited with publishing the first digital photo in American Vogue, releases another groundbreaking collection of NFTs from his personal archives titled, “From Russia With Love”. The art reflects an eclectic mix of Soviet-inspired pin-ups with elements of Mother Russia, Lenin and other eastern references. Inspiration derived from Glaviano’s groundbreaking 1972 photoshoot—which was the first ever fashion shoot in the Soviet Union for a prestigious Italian magazine—have now taken form in this astounding collection of Russian pin-up art.

The collection launches at a pivotal time for Russia, with Putin in conversations with India and in a phone war with President Biden and the United States government over advancements in Ukraine.

The collection drops only weeks after Glaviano launched his first NFT collection, “Beauty and the Beast” touting supermodels Cindy Crawford, Paulina Porizkova, Iman Bowie and internet sensation Alexis Ren, along with former US president Donald Trump. His warm welcome into the NFT space by like-minded creators and news outlets has inspired the recent drop. His artistic works have been purchased by museums and private collectors worldwide.

On this collection the man behind the lens (Marco Glaviano) said: “People don’t understand the Russian culture, because it’s one of the greatest in Europe. It was one of the great European nations. They had music, art—everything.  Now if you ask any American in Idaho, ‘What do you think about Russians?’ They would say, ‘Ugh.’ It’s not right.  I thought ‘Why not a Russian pin-up? Why do the posters up on the dorm walls have to have an American girl with Stars and Stripes? Why can’t we have a Russian girl with the Red Flag?’ It’s the same thing. These girls are, at least, as beautiful as the Americans, sometimes more. That’s why I did this collection. I think it’s perfectly fine and nothing to be embarrassed about. It’s not political. We are talking about beautiful women all over the world.”

Exclusive NFT “From Russia With Love” will be on and on sale on popular crypto marketplace from, Dec 10th 2021. commented: “We are so excited to be showcasing the masterpiece ‘From Russia With Love’ on our platform. Marco Glaviano has been pushing the limits of digital photography for decades and we love what he has done in this drop and can’t wait for audiences to own a piece of something so close to his heart.”

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Vogue Italia said: “Glaviano went through all the aesthetic revolutions occurring in the last fifty years as if they were a canvas upon which he projected his own vision, always guided by the same yearning: beauty. What makes Glaviano a great artist is, in my opinion, the authenticity of his search and the coherent development of his art. His search obsessive and manic, as if beauty, the illusion of perfection, could bring order amid the chaos of the world and inside the mind.

The beauty of a woman’s body, of the roots of a tree, of the hands of a jazz player, of a hillside ploughed by the wind. It is this aesthetic rigor that has produced, through the years, images that have stood the test of time and fashion. Images that do not fall into any of the aesthetics of the above-mentioned decades but rather belong to the artist’s inner world.”

WWD: “Photographer and architect Marco Glaviano has dipped into his past to create his first NFTs. The fashion photographer once parted ways with a financial partner that didn’t believe digital photography would take hold. Ten years ago he stopped shooting film due to digital’s superior quality.”

Deodato: “Marco Glaviano photographer has worked for the most important fashion and beauty magazines in America and Europe. Thus far, he can count more than 500 covers and editorials for the most important international publications. His marvelous photographs have gained him the status as one of the best photographers of the fashion industry in the world.

Marco Glaviano is considered as one of the most important photographers in the fashion industry. He comes from a family of artists: nephew of Gino Severini, important exponent of Italian Futurism, Glaviano’s introduction to art happened quite early. In the 1980s, alongside John Casablancas, founder of Elite, and Monique Pillard, President of Elite, Glaviano has a central role in the development of the Supermodel Phenomenon.”

Yasmeen Ghauri about Marco Glaviano: “It’s more about femininity and about sensuality. You don’t really notice the clothes. You notice the women.”

Paulina Porizkova said: “Working with Marco was always a pleasure. He knew how to make a woman feel beautiful and appreciated, without ever crossing boundaries. He was also quite experimental- he’d use color filters and was always at the forefront of using technology and testing the newest gadgets and printing techniques. I’m not surprised that he’s  getting into NFT’s now, Marco was always looking ahead to see what was coming down the pipeline. And he was rarely wrong. His endless curiosity and enthusiasm are a joy, both on set and behind the scenes.”

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About Marco Glaviano

Marco Glaviano is an Italian photographer and architect, who has worked for leading fashion magazines and brands on both sides of the Atlantic, and with many of the world’s best known models. He has been a pioneer of digital photography being the first to publish a digital picture in American Vogue in 1982. His photographs of fashion, celebrities, landscapes, and jazz have appeared in numerous museums and are represented in private and public collections worldwide. Glaviano has published fifteen books to date, composed of his own personal photographs of the most famous models, actors and celebrities of the last decades and his other passions, Jazz, portraits and landscapes. 

Throughout his illustrious career Glaviano has continued to photograph fashion and beauty for the leading American and European magazines and through these mediums has achieved status in the fashion industry as one of the top photographers in the world, having photographed more than 500 covers and editorials for the most prestigious international publications. 

In 1995 Glaviano designed and founded Pier 59 Studio in New York, which is still today recognized as the most important photo studio in the world. His early interest in the new digital photography revolution led him to publish the first ever digital fashion picture in American Vogue in 1982. During his long career, he has been a consultant for Kodak, Fuji, Hasselblad, Phase One, Sinar and Scitex to advance the cause of digital photography. 

Marco has had thirty solo exhibitions of his work, in New York, London, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Southampton, Miami, St.Barth, Milan, Moscow, Palermo, and Capri. The first solo show was in Palermo in 1948 at age six (drawings) and his artwork is part of many important private collections worldwide. 

Never to be restricted by just one form of media, Glaviano has also photographed many major advertising campaigns for clients such as Valentino, Giorgio Armani, Roberto Cavalli and many others.

“Glory – Warrior – Liberator”