A New Monster Is Hitting Crypto’s Yield Field With Insane Returns

With a name that’s straight-to-the-point and speaks volumes, Yieldzilla is an absolute monster of a project in it’s youth that’s solely focused on paving a new road in the world of DeFi that’s full of benefits and additional value for it’s native holders. The project’s native token ($YDZ) was designed to rewards holders with a sky high sustainable fixed interest rate on their returns through the use of their auto-staking function, and the benefits don’t stop there.

Let’s start by highlighting Yieldzilla’s buy-hold-earn feature, which is a very simple system that will not disappoint. Unlike a lot of other staking platforms where you have to wait hours or days for your interest to compound, Yieldzilla’s automatically compounds its rewards and interest every 15 minutes, and not only that… the rewards delivered are up there with some of highest fixed APY interest rates in the staking world to date.

Yes, you read that right.

Another feature that needs highlighting with Yieldzilla is their auto-liquidity function, which is again another very simple set up. Also referred to as “YALE” (aka Yieldzilla Auto Liquidity Engine), it’s a function embedded in the smart contract that is programmed to automatically pull a small percentage from every single transaction made with their native token and put it to the side into a separate wallet, and then after 48 hours, the entire contents of that separate wallet is dumped into the liquidity pool, ensuring the community that there will always be being liquidity added, furthering the longevity and sustainability of Yieldzilla itself.

The last part of Yieldzilla that we’re going to highlight is a mechanism that the team calls “The Black Hole”. Sounds weird, right? Maybe a little scary? Well, it’s not. It’s actually just another simple idea that’s being put to genius use. Just like with YALE, a small allocate percentage of the total transaction tax taken from every single transaction made with their native token, but the difference with this mechanism is that it’s creating scarcity and increasing value of the token. Except this particular small percentage of tokens is actually removed from circulation and never returns. It’s gone forever, into The Black Hole never to be seen again on the market. This mechanism will actively be lowering the amount of tokens in circulation, thus increasing it’s face value.

Yieldzilla’s got a blindingly bright future ahead, and it’s not too late to get on the wagon!

There’s a new kid on the block, and the kid is a YIELD MONSTER!

Get all the latest about Yieldzilla at their official website: https://yieldzilla.org/

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