5 Reasons To Buy Metaverse Crypto As Robotera Goes On Pre-sale

Metaverse is an innovation intertwined with cryptocurrency, describing the virtual representation of the physical world. Meanwhile, the crypto metaverse does not only serve as a financial platform but also incorporates virtual reality games. 

Cryptocurrencies such as TARO, MEMAG, RIA, D2T, and IMPT are the best metaverse and presale projects. Thus, users can compete with one another, play games, and have a fun experience. Besides being a metaverse crypto, RobotEra has a record of huge sales during its presale season. 

Why Every Investor Should Buy Metaverse Crypto 

As mentioned earlier, the top five cryptocurrencies are highly recommended for investors due to their market achievements. Three are metaverse cryptos, while two are enthralling cryptos crushing their presale. 

  1. Opportunity to creatively explore the RobotEra metaverse. 

  1. Enjoying the varieties of games in the Meta Masters ecosystem. 

  1. Maximizing the free gaming version available at Calvaria. 

1. Opportunity to Creatively Explore the RobotEra Metaverse 

The RobotEra metaverse places no limit on how far users can explore creativity. Every user has the same opportunity to own a virtual space, which could be land or entertainment properties like a museum. Users are not alone in this journey, as they can interact with other robots through the NFT community or platform. Thus, the RobotEra is one of the best forms of art in the crypto industry. 

The NFTs in the RobotEra ecosystem are referred to as robots. This is to build a planet where every occupant can contribute to its growth without barriers. The bill Robotera metaverse is dimensional, providing a better and more colorful gaming experience. It is also open to many people, regardless of occupation, age, or social class. 

Every investor on the RobotEra metaverse will receive a certain amount of resources to build their space. This is a form of passive income based on the human creative trait. It helps users to realize how much financial freedom they can attain through the crypto metaverse. Once you own land on the platform, you can control its activities, such as construction, game production, and mining. 

RobotEra is a metaverse that allows users to bring their imaginations into reality. The RobotEra will enable users to extend their creativity through DAO governance. The DAO governance is a reward system open to every user with innovative and creative strategies. Thus, you can vote for or against actions and decisions influencing the community. 

Every decision will influence how much users enjoy the Play2Earn game method. Some P2E options include NFTs sales, tree cultivation, battle games, staking tokens, and advertisement. All these generate a certain amount for every user, depending on the level of participation. 

How to Buy the TARO Token 

TARO is the native token of the RobotEra metaverse. It will be used to buy, sell, and carry out other activities on the RobotEra marketplace. Since the TARO presale is ongoing, you can benefit from it through the following process. 

  1. Install a MetaMask wallet on your browser. 

  1. Buy ETH or USDT on your MetaMask wallet. 

  1. Connect your wallet to the presale page. 

  1. Claim your TARO token once the presale seasons are over. 

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2. Enjoy the Varieties of Games in the Meta Masters Ecosystem 

Meta Masters is another cryptocurrency operating on the Play2Earn crypto model. This crypto metaverse targets the gaming market, allowing users to explore various gaming options. Each game is designed with a specific theme to meet the needs of several users. 

Users are guaranteed safe and secured transactions on the Meta Masters metaverse through the Solid Proof audition. Every user participating in competitions on the platform will be rewarded with the MEMAG token. The MEMAG token can also be exchanged for NFTs, ETH, and USDT. 

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3. Maximizing the Free Gaming Version Available at Calvaria 

By introducing its free version, Calvaria brings a new dimension to the Play2Earn gaming method. This is known as the Duels of Eternity, where players can own in-game resources and level up their assets. Also, the RIA token can be used on third-party NFT platforms. 

The Calvaria metaverse is a fun platform where users compete at every gaming stage. Having reached the fourth stage of its presales, the crypto metaverse has sold out more than 100 million $RIA. Calvaria is launching 30% of its maximum fixed supply on presale seasons. 

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Other Cryptos to Buy on Presale Now  

Two other very promising cryptos that are on presale right now are highlighted below: 

  1. Dash 2 Trade (D2T) 

  1. IMPT.io (IMPT)  


  1. Dash 2 Trade (D2T) 

The Dash 2 Trade platform provides users with the necessary crypto information. Information such as presale events, trading signals, newly released NFT collections, and many others can be easily accessed through the Dash 2 Trade ecosystem. Dash 2 Trade will also introduce the auto-trading feature that helps users to earn passively. 

The Dash 2 Trade ecosystem is governed by the D2T token, which allows interested persons to engage in trading competitions. A premium subscription package also allows users to access live event streams. Even though the premium package is more pricey than the starter package, you can enjoy a 20% discount by purchasing 9,600 D2T tokens annually. 

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  1. IMPT.io (IMPT) 

IMPT is called green cryptocurrency due to its carbon credit trading approach. The development team also aims to achieve the IMPT projects’ goal by collaborating with eco-friendly brands. There are more than 10,000 brands in view, giving users a greater chance to boost their earnings. 

The green concept of cryptocurrency entices a large number of the crypto community. When a user is rewarded with carbon credit, it can be burned in exchange for the IMPT token or NFT collection. This can be proven by the large sales recorded within a few days of IMPT launching its presale. 

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Final Thoughts 

It is incredible how RobotEra has been gaining so much attention these days. It is safe to say that crypto traders and investors have long anticipated the unique metaverse crypto. The excitement to buy a token, with the huge possibility to earn 50x profit, is non-comparable. Fortunately, RaobotEra, alongside the other four cryptocurrencies discussed in this article, are profitable assets.