5 Altcoins Offering Over 76% In Annual Staking Rewards

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Earning a passive income with cryptocurrency can be done in many ways. Some people prefer to buy and hold, whereas others seek out proof-of-stake currencies. However, the industry-average staking reward of 8.51% is very appealing, and these currencies offer the highest reward today.

Axie Infinity (AXS)

Even though Axie Infinity introduced staking only recently, there are many reasons to explore this option. Supporting the world’s biggest play-to-earn blockchain game can yield substantial rewards through actively playing. However, those that prefer to stake AXS can benefit from a 129.43% annual reward, although that number will decrease over time. Interestingly, nearly 30% of Axie Infinity’s market cap is locked in staking today.

DDKoin (DDK)

DDKoin is a decentralized blockchain platform leveraging DPoS to provide economic opportunities to community members. Moreover, the ecosystem focuses on providing blockchain and fintech products and services. Staking DDK is apparently a popular option, as 88.35% of its market cap engages in staking today. The current 96% annual return is a likely contributor to those numbers.

ChainX (PCX)

The self-professed crypto-asset gateway for the Polkadot ecosystem – and the earliest launchpad project in the ecosystem – aims to achieve Bitcoin layer two expansion. A noble goal, as inter-chain operability will elevate the broader industry to a whole new level. Users staking PCX can expect an 82.09% annual return, which is more than respectable. Over 76.65% of the market value is locked in staking, primarily due to high rewards.

Lition (LIT)

The Lition team focuses on building a scalable public-private blockchain where one can delete data. That is a smart approach for many commercial applications and use cases, although it remains unclear how that would work in the real world. Blockchains are supposed to be immutable. Even so, a few people show an interest in staking LIT. Just 8.57% of the market cap earns PoS rewards, though, despite a 79.81% annual return.

Feyorra (FEY)

Interestingly, Feyorra is not a native blockchain project, but an ERC-20 utility token created by the FaucetPay team. Tokens are distributed to FaucetPay users, with the remainder to be burned. Users can stake FEY through “wager mining” and earn an APY of 76.39%. So far, nearly all tokens have engaged in staking, although that number will likely drop off over the coming weeks.

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