10 Reasons Why D2T Will Provide More Gains Than BTC, SOL & ETH In 2023

The crypto market is currently experiencing a nosedive. Even popular cryptos like BTC, ETH, and SOL are witnessing a plunge while the crypto market shed more than $30 million after the collapse of FTX.

However, despite the extremely bearish market, there is one token that is grabbing the eyeballs of investors around the world Dash 2 Trade , the crypto analysis platform that is smashing its presale.

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BTC, SOL & ETH prices continue to drop after the FTX collapse 
The crypto market has gone under pressure over the last two weeks after the issues related to FTX came to light. Among them were popular cryptos like BTC, ETH, and layer-1 blockchain Solana that are witnessing a continuous drop in their prices after November 6. Amidst the chaos, it seems like the crypto market is currently on edge and unclear about when the FTX saga will end. 

However, while all of this is true, a part of the crypto community is getting hopeful of certain new projects that are doing exceptionally well in their presale. Dash 2 Trade is one such crypto project that has become the talk of the town after starting its presale and has already raised more than $6 million so far. 

Why you should invest in the D2T presale: 10 reasons to look at
While it’s no news that the D2T presale is going strong from the very beginning and is showing no sign to stop. But why exactly investors are considering this project even in this bearish market? Let’s take a look. 

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1.    A potential analytics platform 

The Dash 2 Trade platform is developed by the veterans of the crypto market, the brains behind the popular Learn 2 Trade platform that has over 60,000 traders. With the aim to enhance the trading experience of the users, the platform is all set to make crypto investing easier and more efficient for traders of all levels. The analytics tools and features offered by the platform allow trades to create and test different trading strategies as well.

2.    Interesting tokenomics

The Dash 2 Trade dashboard runs on the Ethereum blockchain with the native token D2T that complies with the ERC-20 standard. The D2T token is a utility token that comes with a range of benefits including access to the Dash 2 Trade platform and the features offered with it. 

3.    A taxless system 
Since Dash 2 Trade stands behind the concept that value should come from the project instead of the people trading D2T, they have taken off any barrier that may hinder the process of entering and leaving the D2T platform. The Dash 2 Trade ecosystem has no cost imposed on it and is a completely taxless system. 

4.    Unique features

Dash 2 Trade is a crypto signal and analysis platform that also excels in social trading is launched with the aim to help investors to make better trading decisions. Users can keep track of the latest news and on-chain data through the Dash 2 Trade platform. 

It provides insights on future events and predictions that can be useful, especially in the times like this where the market is going down constantly. The features provided by Dash 2 Trade help investors get the top positions in the market. 

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5.    Access to trading signals

With the Dash 2 Trade platform, users can take the advantage of trading signals and make predictions with ease, can track presale launches and be a part of a potential crypto project before it hits the market, get alerts on new coins in the market, conduct on-chain analysis along with the access to a strategy builder to set up profitable trades. 

6.    Fully verified and audited 

In the crypto space, it is no surprise to come across scams and projects that mislead people into investing in projects and pulling an exit scam. Dash 2 Trade has been audited by Solidproof along with the complete KYC verification of the team members by Coinsniper. 

7.    Affordable presale prices

The rush behind investing in the D2T presale also owes to the discounted prices that the platform is offering to buy the D2T token. The token has already been set to get listed on LBank after the presale gets over and it is safe to assume that the price of each token will get higher at that time. Investors who want to get the most out of the opportunity and get more ROI are flocking to be a part of this presale.

8.    LBank listing 

Despite the many benefits that D2T is offering and its successful presale, there are many investors who deliberately stay away from inverting in presales to be on the safe side. However, after the announcement of D2T getting listed on LBank, it naturally proves Dash 2 Trade’s legitimacy as a new project. 

9.    Secured by venture capitalists 
The legitimacy of the Dash 2 Trade platform gets even more valid by the significant funding of venture capitalists. Both VCs and individuals have supported the crypto analytics platform that has been causing a stir among the crypto community. 

10.     Successful presale 
Last but certainly not least, the ongoing success of the token has drawn additional investors and continues to do so, which reflects in the funds collected so far. D2T is currently in stage 2 of its presale and is expected to cross the benchmark soon. 

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When the crypto market is seeing a decline in price charts consistently, D2T is gaining massive support through its presale which speaks a lot about the future potential of the token. If you are wondering which token to invest in right now to get the best of the market then D2T is the answer for you.